Cuckold names

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Excerpts from Westward Ho! Variant spellings. List variant names and spellings CUCK1. The area was associated with illicit sexuality, especially adultery, and was symbolized by a pole surmounted by a pair of animal horns Chalfant 62 ; De Marly ; Bruster Adams does not note a specific location with a symbol, but the map implies that the infamous horned pole marking the site would have stood on the northeast corner of the peninsula across from Limehouse Harper. The riverside marker was referred to as a pole, a mast, and even a tree that is all fruit and no leaves Chapman, Jonson, and Marston Reason: Editorial omission for reasons of length or relevance.

Use only in quotations in born-digital documents. DFD […] On the other Side, viz. Both authors had an intimate knowledge of the city, its history, and its lore. Still, Stow would surely have known of the site and its reputation through the many plays, ball, and other printed sources that made use of the location and its associations with cuckoldry Bruster ; St. Pierre A man who was a knowing cuckold—and even happy with his state—was termed a wittol.

For reasons that remain obscure, the cuckolded husband was often depicted wearing animal horns upon his head Dent ; Partridge , , Searching the word cuckold in Early English Books Online yields various spellings and phrases such as cuckold-constable, cuckolated, and cuckoldage. And they made great cheer, for there weas two firkins of fresh sturgeons and great conger and great turbots and great plenty of wine, that it came to eight pounds Machyn Two origin stories survive.

In the first, a miller from Charlton comes home to find his wife in amorous embrace with an unknown man. The miller is enraged, but then recognizes the man as King John and begs his forgiveness. In compensation, the king grants the miller all the land visible from his doorway. However, as a condition of the grant, the king demands that on St. A group of London butchers are said to have agreed to keep the monument supplied with horns in exchange for the use of the surrounding fields in perpetuity.

The horns were apparently often stolen and needed replacing on a regular basis. Loss of these lands would have been costly to the butchers, which may have fuelled the notoriety of the pole Bruster Nothing is known about who owned the fields in question—or why the owner would have concerned with maintaining the pole. The story of Charlton miller is connected to a market fair held in nearby Bermondsey.

Known as the Horn Faire, it traditionally opened with a ant that featured citizens dressed as King John and the miller and his wife, and was followed by a procession of masked men wearing horns upon their he. In his painting A View of London from Greenwich , the 18th century artist Jan Griffier portrays this procession and a view of the green with its playhouse in the foreground De Marly The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent claims that the fair was an uncivilized event, infamous for rudeness and indecency.

Apparently many efforts were made over the years to limit the antics of the participants Hasted. From atop the pole, the apprentice observes and comments on the fates of several other characters whose boats have capsized on the Thames during a storm.

When his boat capsizes, he is washed ashore at the foot of the pole. Slitgut offers assistance, but Security , in humiliation, rejects him. Eastward Ho! The Horn Fair itself flourished until the latter part of the 19th century, where it was officially discontinued. Moral attitudes had changed and urban growth was eating up green space. The last fair was held in De Marly No street names or memorials mark the original site. Notes From the title of the ballad, Cuckolds Haven. References Citation. A Thames Tour of Rotherhithe. Ackroyd, Peter. London: The Biography. London: Anchor Books, Adams, Robert.

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Remediated by The Making of the Modern World. Taylor, John. Chicago citation Ferbrache-Darr, Dana. Janelle Jenstad. Victoria : University of Victoria. Accessed June 30, Lucas Simpson is a student at the University of Victoria. Roles played in the project Abstract Author.

Cuckold names

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