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Not all adult dating sites are equal. Some of them really suck. In fact, some will go out of their way to copy those that truly work, just to try and scam people. If not, then I suggest checking out this site review here. See, Snapsext is a completely different site that I actually trust and personally use so I know it works. They become so popular over the years that sites like Snapsex.

Let me give you a full rundown of everything this company is doing to try and scam users into ing the network. The second part of the review is going to cover everything that I dislike about this site and what makes it fake. Without wasting further time, let me get down and dirty here. I apologize in advance if I sound brash or rude. Snapsex does this for one simple reason. They know that the official SnapSext site is insanely popular. The individuals running this company also likely know just how massive the Snapchat app is.

Truth be told, it most definitely is not the app or network to . One they rope you in, they end up trying to get your credit card information to bill your card until you cancel. Trust me on this! These guys are pros when it comes to scamming users. Okay, so the first thing I hate about this site is the use of the Snapchat logo on their top slider on the website. The photos look like they were purchased of something IMO. These girls are not really on Snapchat. As you enter these questions, you end up wasting your time because the answers are not recorded.

They try to entice you to continue answering questions by displaying pics of girls sending snaps. I hate to burst your bubble but these are completely fake. They go hand in hand I guess. Should you foolishly decide to register, you will quickly realize that the site is not free like they advertise.

Speaking of doing anything…. I literally did nothing on this site besides look at fake profiles they refer to as Love Stars. Yes, the site is filled with a bunch of fake profiles to make the site look heavily populated.

Nothing good will happen to you if you this dating site. Any site that incorporates the use of Love Stars e. I guarantee that you will find something worth using. Good luck and happy hunting! There are only real sites out there that deliver today. All others are pretty much fakes or marketing scams looking to get your money. If you want to hook up, your best bet is to simply one of the sites listed below and see where the wind takes you.

Some have premium options with money back guarantees that make it a zero-risk approach to dating online. Notify me of new posts by . In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: f4ed8eba6ee09ceacfe84c Why do they do it? What Snapsex Does These guys are pros when it comes to scamming users. Speaking of doing anything… I literally did nothing on this site besides look at fake profiles they refer to as Love Stars. Follow Us! Read Full Review. Register Here.

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