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Have you thought about spending a night in an Eastern European prison? Wanted to be tied up in a dungeon that looked like it was built by Bilbo Baggins? The website KinkBnB can fulfill all these wishes and more. The site has kink-friendly, nudist and other sex-positive lodgings in cities around the world, from Canada to Cambodia to the Czech Republic and beyond.

Looking for even more sexy travel spots? This expansive space has several traditional dungeon areas. It also has a double bed in a very vanilla bedroom and a full bath. If HGTV ever did a show about kinky spaces, this location would earn a place on it.

Kinky Bed and Breakfast includes a sex sling, a medical table, a puppy cage, a St. Andrews cross, and dramatic lighting to set the mood. This enormous spot has five different activity rooms, each with a very different theme. Andrews crosses and puppy cages to racks and slings. This space is conveniently located right in the center of Rome, steps away from all the major attractions. If your visit to Vatican City has inspired you to enact a punishment and penance scene, the St.

Andrews cross, punishment bench, puppy cage and other features will give you the perfect place to do it. If you stay the night, the space is shared with the hosts and you may sleep on an air mattress. This is the closest you can get to living out that sexy travel fantasy. The dungeon includes the traditional puppy cage and St. Andrews cross. Andrews cross, puppy cage, and adult swing, as well as unique items like a set of stocks. InnThrall is a hot playground with many options. The InnThrall Suite comes with a private lounge, bath, custom-deed bondage bed, cage, bondage bench, genitorment chair and many more appointments.

The Inner Sanctum features a California king bed, double decker cage with two sleeping platforms, and a private patio with a sling. It contains traditional and medical items as well as several fucking machines. All this and a cooked-to-order breakfast in the morning make InnThrall a sexy travel spot for kinky Seattle visitors. If your sexy travel fantasies tend more toward jail cells, this authentic Communist-era prison will allow you to live them out. The facility has brutally uncomfortable cells, a guard room, bricked up doors and bars on the windows.

The owners of this space went to great lengths to build a cell block, including interrogation room, that rivals Alcatraz. This venue has been purpose-built as a dungeon. It has a traditional dungeon and a medical-themed space as well as a more comfortable lounge area. Too tired to flog your sub after a tough day at Bondi Beach? Arrange a booking with Mistress Tokyo to do it for you. Have you fantasized about the gardener at your estate taking you back to his rustic cottage and doing diabolical things to you?

At this bungalow, you can live the fantasy. It has a unique dungeon loaded with lovingly hand-crafted wooden equipment that looks, dare we say it, Hobbit-esque. Looking for something a little less dark fetish and a little more disco-balls-and-glitter to fulfill your sexy travel dreams? The Cosmic Pickle is a sexy black-light-and-animal-print fantasy. You can also rent out their dungeon for several hours, or take an outdoor shower in their spa.

This space loaded with all the usual dungeon amenities — bondage bed, St. Andrews Cross, and more. It has a stripper pole, a jacuzzi and even a sauna. Need more travel ideas? Have you checked out PleazeMe. It is a social media platform where adults can be adults.

We created the 7 Worlds of PleazeMe so that every person would have a place to privately explore their sexuality with like-minded people. We believe in love, sexuality, and the power of inclusion. People of all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicities, genders and sexualities are valuable and deserve to feel included. Everyone should have a safe place they can go to connect, discover and express themselves without fear of being judged, censored or discriminated against.

Take Me There! This means we may make a commission when you purchase through the link, at no additional cost to you. All profits are put back into the platform to create more fun features and make it grow! We need YOUR help to continue our sex-positive mission! Thank you for supporting PleazeMe!

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