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Like many other famous men, Carson burned through his fair share of wives, 4 to be exact. In , Johnny Carson cut all ties with friend and one-time lover, Joan Rivers, when she was offered her own late night talk show. While it was common to hide such issues from public spotlight at the time, Carson went so far as to refuse to visit his son during his hospitalizations.

In another incident involving his son Rick in , Carson managed to pick a fight during a 25th anniversary party for The Tonight Show. Both men struggled with alcoholism, and often turned to violence when they were drunk. When Rick appeared at the party already inebriated, Carson became embroiled in a screaming match with him.

Just as Carson geared up to punch his son, someone else stepped in and physically separated the two, pulling Johnny away from the scene. Carson suspected that she was cheating on him with Frank Gifford, the football star who was married to Kathy Lee Gifford, and even hired a private investigator to help him break into her apartment. Carson was never shy about pushing the boundaries of comedy, even when his jokes were highly offensive to the subject in question. He often teased Raymond Burr about his weight, to the point that Burr eventually refused to return to The Tonight Show.

His disdain for Snyder, who he called a talentless bore, was an open secret. After a couple of glasses of wine at an LA restaurant, Carson saw Snyder sitting at a separate table, sat down across from him, and then attempted to throttle Snyder by the throat.

Carson quickly filed a lawsuit against them, which resulted in a legal battle that lasted for a decade. Though Carson won the suit and prevented the company from cashing in on his catchphrase, Earl J. After asking Martin if he knew where he was, Martin allegedly asked Carson to serve him lamb chops.

Gary Hart was the front-runner for the Democratic party nominee, until Johnny Carson exposed his participation in an alleged affair with another woman. Carson was one of the first talkshow hosts to engage in political criticism, which was far less common then than it is today. They offered to sell it back to his estate, who declined their offer immediately. The tape is now in the possession of a private collector, as it could not be sold for legal reasons. With his third wife, Joanna, Johnny would make up for his cheating by buying her lavish presents. He bought her her own Rolls Royce Corniche, an apartment at The Pierre, as well as diamonds and other expensive jewelry.

According to one-time flame, Joan Rivers, whose affair with Carson took place during her marriage to long-time partner Edgar Rosenberg, Carson boasted quite the physical asset. The subject was raised when reporters caught her at LAX in , and she answered with her typical candor.

How do you think you got on the show!? Despite their later feud, Joan Rivers was a close friend of Johnny Carson for the better part of his career. In , Carson was ready to say goodbye to The Tonight Show. They were there to discuss just how much more ABC could pay Johnny.

NBC was panicking that they would lose their biggest star. Johnny and NBC went to court over his contractual commitments. Carson was so touched by the tribute, he called NBC immediately. Once Johnny was no longer angry with NBC, he felt more inclined to another contract extension with them, with several concessions. While he was trying to persuade the girl to leave with him, her boyfriend arrived and was not pleased. The mobster and his friends threw Carson down a flight of stairs, before the bar owner intervened.

Both men struggled to entertain the discerning audience, only to find that none of their jokes were landing well. It was an awkward night for both the comedians and the crowd. The failed company is often remembered for its DMC model complete with gull-wing doors, immortalized in the Back to the Future films of the 80s. The company began to experience severe financial difficulties in the early 80s, despite the capital invested by Carson, and ultimately went under in after Delorean was charged for trafficking cocaine. Though the allegations were later proven false, the damage was irreparable.

In another alcohol related story, Johnny was caught driving his Deloreon in after having a few drinks. His sentence was 3 years of probation, as well as a class for drivers with drinking problems. He was also restricted from driving with any people or animals in his car. Among the many women Carson dated throughout his lifetime, one was none other than a young Sally Field. While Bushkin was negotiating a real estate deal near Houston, Texas for a project involving the Willowbrook Mall, Carson decided he wanted to get in on the action.

Though the deal ultimately faltered, Carson ended up with 93 acres to earn a bit of extra cash on. In , Carson instigated yet another bitter battle with a star, this time over the purchase of the Aladdin Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. Though he had all but clinched the deal, Carson backed out, and Newton was able to purchase the casino for ificantly less than his opening offer. After Carson graduated high school, the legends goes that he hitchhiked to Hollywood and got himself into all sorts of trouble.

She found herself tight on cash in the following years and began to cope with alcohol and illegal drugs. In order to make ends meet, she allegedly began working as an escort. After she ended her run, she was found dead in the shallow waters of Santiago Bay, Mexico, where she had been vacationing with Edward Durston. While drugs and alcohol were the suspected culprit, her autopsy came back clean.

Eventually, Newton got fed up with the abuse and decided to take matters into his own hands. Surprisingly, Carson took the threat seriously and dropped jokes about Newton from his act. Following the discovery, he purchased a mail-order magic kit and annoyed his family incessantly. He began to gain steam on the local circuit, even performing his magic act for fairs and picnics in the Norfolk, Nebraska area.

During the meal, Johnny apparently went on a rant to the two comedians about the state of television today. He continued by expressing satisfaction that he had retired long before the reality television format had become the new normal for the medium. As Johnny decided he wanted to take more time off during the week, the late night air time needed to be filled by something else. During the weekends up until , The Best of Carson would air during his usual time slot, but in his push to host fewer nights of the week, he requested the network air the show during the week instead The network had to scramble to develop a new show to fill the Saturday night slot, and thus Saturday Night Live was born.

Former lawyer, Henry Bushkin, recalls another Johnny tantrum in his biography about the late-night legend. But the mishaps began immediately when the driver intending to pick Carson up went to the wrong gate, which earned him a verbal beat down in exchange. Johnny then threw a second tantrum after discovering that his suite was not quite ready upon his arrival. Despite his volatile nature in his private life, Johnny managed to maintain the good will of his audience, allowing him to push boundaries and open doors for others. Most notably, he once let Harry Belafonte host his show for an entire week in Belafonte had the opportunity to interview several notable guests that week, including Robert F.

Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Unlike his peers on the late-night comedy circuit, Carson was never affable with his guests. He never visited with them before the show and would never cater to their egos. Furthermore, when Johnny was displeased or bored with a guest, he would immediately end the interview, even if his guest was mid-sentence. Though Carson was commissioned as a communications officer decrypting secret messages, he never quite made it over to the combat zone.

He was on a ship heading to the Pacific when they got news of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which ended the war. When Carson passed away in from respiratory failure at the age of 79, there was a tremendous outpouring of love and sadness from his fans. Though his fourth and final wife was still in his life at the time, Bushkin reports in his biography that Carson was otherwise alone, estranged from many friends, including Bushkin, who had tried to maintain close ties with him over the years, in spite of his difficult nature, as well as much of his family.

Long standing guest on The Tonight Show , comedian Bob Hope, proved to be more work than Carson bargained for in his later years. Stores were emptied of their stocks of toilet paper in the ensuing panic, which lead to an actual shortage. Stores were forced to ration their rolls until the panic died down several weeks later. Even while in the midst of a bitter divorce with his second wife Joanne, the same wife he suspected of infidelity, Carson refused to give up his womanizing.

He would often spend the night with a Playboy model named Angel Tompkins. While rumors of men harassing women have recently become headline news, such allegations were often covered up or disregarded in the past. There were many such allegations rumored to have been perpetrated by Johnny Carson, though due to his savvy lawyers, none of the cases ever got off the ground.

The allegations come from a variety of sources, including some of his female guests, as well as women he worked with during his time as a television host. Johnny Carson managed to alienate even Fred Rogers, when he satirized Mr. Rogers publicly expressed displeasure at the distortion of his message. When considering vacations in Europe, there are several places that get tossed around most As time goes by, Africa becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination. However, like anywhere Last year's ceremony in Unhappily Married. A Yacht Of Audacity. Cry Me A River. Mommy Dearest.

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