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Why are teen boys jerks? Thread starter ShawnD Start date Jul 22, ShawnD Science Advisor. It's somewhat generally accepted that teenage boys are jerks because of high testosterone levels. I just saw a program on TV about sex, and there was a chart showing average testosterone levels as men age. The program pointed out that a man's sexual peak based on testosterone levels is not at 18, it's actually around If men have the most testosterone in their 30s, why are most men in their 30s more civilized than teenagers?

What makes teen boys such jerks? Math Is Hard Staff Emeritus. Science Advisor. Gold Member. Is it just boys? Teen girls can be real byatches! I know I was one!!! I think it's just adoloescence. Teenagers act out as a way of asserting their independence. I also think that they are often trying to gain power and want to do it without being seen as a teachers pet. They also don't have much experience as to what gets and what doesn't when it comes to trying to become respected. They often don't like being at the mercy of adults in the power struggle either, often feeling that the adults are keeping all the good stuff for themselves, like alcohol, sex, cigarettes, nice cars, high paying jobs etcetera.

Some of them see their life as getting a job they hate or having to sell out to those who are in power, which are people who are going to get rich off of their work. Also, some adolescents feel special and that this gives them the right to disdain all that are not as special as them.

Just some ramblings as to what might be why teenagers are often jerks. As a teenage boy, I can tell you that I am a jerk to people because I don't like them, simple as that. Being a jerk to random people in your highschool will likely never end up mattering unless they go nuts and shoot you , and so I act however I want to my classmates. I'd imagine guys in their 30's would calm down because they've found jobs, and being a jerk could get them fired, or make them have a very miserable life for the next few decades, wheras in less than 2 years, I'll never see anyone in my highschool again besides maybe 2 or 3 people.

You know, I never thought of that, but that certainly makes sense. A teenager has little to lose by being a jerk, and heck, sometimes the most popular kids at school are complete a-holes. Adults usually have to at least pretend to be polite in order to get ahead. LOL, well try nice for a change! But i guess your right. That and indeed puberty kicking around. Moonbear Staff Emeritus. You mean they eventually grow out of it? Having testosterone around will cause a lot of feelings and impulses, and when those are all new, it's harder to control those feelings.

Puberty is an emotional roller-coaster for both men and women. Along with the reproductive hormones showing up on the scene, there are the moods those hormones affect, the brain actually starts to undergo some long-term changes as well some associated with the reproductive system starting up, and others related to the growth spurt and trying to maintain motor control and proprioception. Plus, there are a lot of changes in physical appearance as well that take some getting used to, and that can lead to social awkwardness and self-esteem issues when someone isn't certain of just what to expect.

I think, especially for those teens who are the first and last to experience puberty, they go through a period of time when they look very different from all their other same-aged peers, either because they've already developed adult characteristics while all their peers still look like children, or because they still look like while all their peers have developed adult characteristics. Plus, there's dealing with annoying things like acne It's a lot to deal with all at one time. One word. When they grow up to be men, if they do grow up to be men.

They will grow out of it. Wasteo, even you will probably grow out of it. LOL Nautica. Dearly Missed. Phobos Staff Emeritus. There was a recent documentary aired about the scientific studies on the teenage brain. Unfortunately, I have only taped it and not yet had the chance to watch it. So, social immaturity may be a big part of it, but there may be a physical immaturity that comes into play too. Thats odd. Being a teenager myself I never meant any harm towards anyone. Even if I was a jerk to someone, I probably didnt mean it or it was unintentional.

Then again, im an oddball and I dont quite fit into society. Square peg in round hole. Does this mean im suitable for getting ahead in the business world? Probably as a techie, but not as a manager. I have been a manager and was not happy in the role because of the jerk factor. It wasn't that others were jerks toward me, I can handle that. It was that to succeed I had to be a jerk to others. Nice Guy finishes last in management. To who ever started this post?

I'm assuming you are female since you don't understand males as easily as I do. I'm a male around the age of 20, and I can tell you that males can be quite disagreeable at times. Well, first of all males and females are like two completely different species.

While females are interested in handling problems through debating and thinking, males are into trial and error. When communicating with a young male "jerk" you must realize that his body is not yet familiar with the sudden surge in hormones at this stage. You say that 18 year old males have the same testosterone levels as 60 year old males. You have to realize that by the time a male reaches that age he is able to control his actions more easily. Also at that age males tend to have an increase in estrogen as well, hence the softening of the voice, and the more caring nature of older males.

Men ages have testosterone levels much higher than their estrogen levels. But this doesn't effect a person's attitude as much as the way they grew up. Males are socially inept to behaving rough and dominant. Society teaches young men to behave as dominators and tough beings. So they do what is best to portray that image that society has imbedded in their feeble minds. You must realize that men are not built physically for excellent communication as women are because of the large gap between the two hemispheres in the brain.

So that a-hole is being a jerk to you because he may have some animosity towards you, or he may not like you. He might even like you. But not all males are jerks, and the attitude that you see in some males is not always contributed by their hormone levels.

Teen boy forum

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