Search leaked snapchat photos by username

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A group of hackers has been accessing the private photos and videos of Snapchat users for years. Recently, that group has leaked a huge database of Snapchat photos and videos that has been collected from the shocked users of the notorious chat forum 4chan.

This hacking attempt is far bigger as compared to that of iCloud data compromise related to celebrities. A third party Snapchat client has been collecting the photos and videos that had been shared through its forum. Hackers collected 13GB of volume from the Snapchat users that had been deleted. The users of 4chan have downloaded the files and are now creating a searchable database so as to enable the people to search the stolen images using Snapchat username. This was a popular Android app that allowed the users to keep Snapchat photos and videos that get automatically deleted when viewed through the official Snapchat app.

The website that hosted the leaked data was viralpop. It is basically a fake competition website that installed malicious software on the PC of the people who want to take part in the competition. The site has been completely annihilated now and also taken offline. However, thousands of people have already downloaded the collection of Snapchats. The screenshot below shows how the leaked data appeared on the website that has just been suspended. July 15, July 13, July 12, July 11, July 10, July 6, July 4, June 30, June 28, June 21, June 12, May 27, May 20, May 19, April 27, April 16, April 10, March 24, March 12, February 3, February 1, December 17, November 1, October 18, September 24, July 26, June 4, May 24, May 13, February 10, December 3, November 30, November 18, July 1, June 6, June 1, May 26, April 19, March 30, March 11, February 22, February 16, July 8, February 6, December 28, December 23, October 17, August 28, August 26, August 18, March 25, February 12, January 27, January 20, June 16, June 10, June 29, June 25, June 24, July 5, June 7, April 12, February 9, January 31, June 18, May 23, April 15, March 20, June 22, September 23, January 12, May 18, October 27, September 29, July 27, May 9, May 1, January 29, November 17, May 28, May 17, March 16, March 8, Finding Experts to Help with Satellite Imagery and How to Secure Website from Hackers.

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Search leaked snapchat photos by username

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Hackers Leak Private Photos of Snapchat Users Online